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Beneath the covers

This week we're showcasing the amazing Paulina Wyrt, an animator, illustrator and artist from Poland.

I was lucky enough to get to work with Paulina on the cover of The Extraordinary Curiosities of Ixworth and Maddox. Her wonderful artwork is so lively and whimsical; it really does capture the spirit of my little book perfectly.

Paulina provided two concept sketches. I love them both — but I feel the first really captures the essence of Ixworth, Maddox and Chloe.

Paulina added some of London's skyline for the back cover — and, some of the curious items from the book (yes, that really is a cabbage). Careful, Maddox; Billyfish are dangerous!

It's funny — I never envisioned an orange cover but when Paulina sent along

her first colour renderings I was absolutely thrilled. It works brilliantly.

Here's the final cover! Magic. I really hope readers love it as much as I do.



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